The future
of drone deliveries.

We are building our future and it comes in the form of advanced
drone technology and unmatched delivery times

We are designing a system
to surpass your expectations

The biggest concern with drone deliveries has been privacy and noise. We will be utilising
High-resolution lidar sensors that provide accurate spatial data and unmatched privacy protection. Our team is making great strides in designing and testing new concepts to make our drones less noisy.


Deliveries will be within 5minutes of ordering food, drinks and medicine from your favourite restaurants and shops within a 10km radius.


You will receive your orders for 10% of the standard delivery fee. This is in part thanks to the fact that drones can make more deliveries per hour and are not subject to traffic conditions.


Business owners will be able to reach more clients effectively and at a low cost. This increases their revenue while expanding customers choices.

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